Together in Prayer

Articles to help you pray and lead prayer
For Intercessors and Prayer Leaders
By Faith - The Bible's First Intercessor Make God's glory the primary focus of your intercession by following the pattern of Abraham.
Balanced, Strategic Prayer Pray strategically for your church using the Lord's Prayer as an outline.
For Small Group Leaders
Starting Your Small Group in Prayer Start your group praying together and watch them grow spiritually and relationally.
Wake Up Your Small Group's Prayer Time! Make your group prayer time more engaging and improve participation.
An Audience of One Praying in a group is all about praying to God with people. Help your group balance these two dimensions.
Making Room for Spirit-led Prayer Allow the Holy Spirit room to move in your prayer times by keeping prayers brief and focused.
Incorporating Confession in Your Small Group Help your group to grow deeper spiritually and relationally by safely incorporating shared confession.
How to Pray for One Another Move your small group past repetitive, surface sharing and into meaningful prayer for each other.
For Small Group Ministry Leaders
Go Bold with Small Group Prayer Make your church's small group ministry a praying ministry by helping your small groups to pray effectively for your church.
Keep Your Promise to Pray Keep your promise to pray meaningingfully for your Small Group Leaders by using the Lord's Prayer as an outline.