Together in Prayer

Vertical Prayer with Horizontal Impact

About Andrew

Andrew WheelerWho is Andrew Wheeler?
Andrew has been participating in and leading small groups and prayer groups for over 30 years, dating back to college days, when he served as Prayer Coordinator of his Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship chapter. He served for over 20 years in the prayer ministry of Willow Creek Community Church, as Small Group Leader and Coach at South Barrington and later co-Directing the prayer ministry of Willow Creek Crystal Lake.

Andrew is particularly passionate about praying for issues in world missions, and has led prayer groups focused on the Unreached Peoples and on the Persecuted Church. But he believes that prayer is central to everything we do as believers.

“It doesn’t matter whether the kingdom work is local or global, within the walls of the church or in neighborhoods and communities. The true work of the kingdom is accomplished in prayer. Without prayer, our efforts are just that – our efforts. And we may meet with some success, by God’s grace, based on the gifts and talents he has given us. But we’ll never know see the church truly breaking down the gates of hell without concerted, persistent prayer. The harvest we want to reap among the lost must be sown in prayer. Surely this is the lesson of Jesus’ call to the disciples to pray for harvesters before he sent them out.”

Book Cover
Andrew’s book Together in Prayer is available from Inter-Varsity Press. This book addresses the difficulties that small groups often encounter as they pray together and provides practical tips for praying more effectively in a small group setting. It is aimed at small group leaders and members who want to improve their groups’ prayer lives.

Andrew has written for the National Day of Prayer, Discipleship Journal, Prayer Connect, and, and is a featured blogger on the Pray! Network. His book, Together in Prayer, was published by Inter-Varsity Press to help small group members pray more effectively in a group setting and to help small group leaders more intentionally lead their groups in prayer.

Andrew’s writing focuses on practical, God-centered prayer. “‘Hallowed be your name’ isn’t just the first petition in the prayer Jesus taught us – it’s the context and the goal for all of our prayers. Our prayers – whether they’re for the spread of God’s kingdom among the lost or for his provision of our daily needs – are all meant to glorify him.”