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To pray effectively in a small group setting, you need more than a devoted personal prayer life; you need to understand the dynamics of group prayer. Most small group members – even mature believers – don’t pray effectively together, and most small group leaders don’t know how to help their groups grow in prayer. With over 30 years of experience leading small groups in prayer, Andrew Wheeler will help you to more effectively pray and lead prayer in a small group setting.

Together in Prayer is the definitive guide to praying in a small group. This book will help you:

  • Overcome reluctance to pray in a small group
  • Pray in a way that promotes unity in a group
  • Lead a group in more lively, meaningful prayer
  • Connect with God more deeply in your personal prayer life

Together in Prayer is filled with tips for praying more effectively in a group, along with specific prayer examples and exercises. Whether you’re a small group leader, a prayer leader in your church, or a member of a small group, you’ll find Scriptural inspiration and practical help to enhance your community prayer life!

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Book CoverWinner, 2010 Writer of the Year Award,
Write-To-Publish Conference

What people are saying about Together in Prayer

Together in Prayer is full of wisdom and insight into personal, community and intercessory prayer…If you have been challenged to lead a small group in prayer or serve as a prayer coordinator, this book is a must read.”
— John Bornschein, former Senior Director,
National Day of Prayer task force

“This ridiculously practical and passionate book doesn’t come from the dusty halls of some seminary or the echoing chamber of a monastery. It comes from the fast-beating heart of a man who practices what he teaches. Whether for your family, church or small group, embark on reading this book as you would a search for lost treasure.”
— Dr. Marcus Bieschke, Campus Pastor,
Willow Creek Crystal Lake

“This is a rare kind of book, and will be very useful for leaders or anyone wanting to learn to intercede together.”
— Byron Borger,

“There are not many books of this nature that really explore the mechanics and heart behind small-group prayer. For that reason alone, this book is worth checking out. But beyond that, in many small groups, prayer probably tends to be sloppy at best and unhealthy at worst. Therefore, wrestling with how small groups do prayer is worth the time and effort. Part of that time and effort would be well spent reading this book.”
— Dan Lentz, Editorial Advisor,
Read Dan’s complete book review.

“Andrew Wheeler, a prayer leader at Willow Creek Church, has the most useful (and frankly only) book on small group prayer I have read…his practical advice is very useful. If you are a small group leader, I would highly recommend reading this book. One of the best parts of the book is that he frequently uses examples of prayers (both positive and negative) and then talks about why he thinks those prayers would be helpful or problematic within small group prayer times.”
— Adam Shields on
Read Adam’s complete review

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