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Vertical Prayer with Horizontal Impact

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Why? (pt. 1)

When faced with a crisis situation – whether sudden or developing over time – one of our first inclinations is to ask God why. Why are we suffering so? What did we do to deserve this? Why has our God, who is both sovereign and good, allowed this suffering to occur? This is where Job […]

Lord, Don’t You Care?

The wind and the waves threatened to capsize the fishing boat. Though seasoned on the water, the men aboard began to fear for their lives. Straining at the sails and the oars, bailing water and trying to control the boat, they suddenly noticed that one of them was fast asleep. Astonished, they rushed to wake […]

Prayer of Confession for the National Day of Prayer

Father, please forgive us your church for the ways in which we have failed to honor you in our country. We pay so little attention to you in our lives and then we decry when our country wanders far from you. We allow our teaching to be more influenced by the culture around us than […]

What is Vertical Prayer?

Vertical prayer is prayer that is focused on God, on his glory, and on his kingdom. Vertical prayer aligns with Paul’s instructions in Colossians 3:1-2: Vertical prayer recognizes God’s sovereignty and at the same time bows to his will. It’s based on faith, hope, and a deep reliance on God’s love. Vertical prayer pleads for […]