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Praying for the upcoming elections (pt. 3)

As we head to the polls today to vote in the mid-term elections, here are a few final thoughts for prayer:

Thank God for the process

  • Thank God for the blessing of free elections and the democratic process.  Thank him for giving us the right and the means to vote and determine our leadership.

Pray for the elections

  • Ask God to protect each voting place from all harm; to protect our elections from outside influences of all kinds; to give strength and stamina to the precinct workers, many of whom will have very long days.
  • Pray that God will clear away any barriers that would stand in the way of those who have the right to vote exercising that right, and that He would lead believers especially to be faithful in carrying out our responsibilities of citizenship.
  • Ask God to keep the elections fair and honest, to protect the elections from all fraud, and to prevent those who do not have the right to vote from casting ballots

Pray for the voters

  • Ask God to grant wisdom to all those who are voting today – to give them insight to see past rhetoric and know how the candidates would lead.
  • Pray that God will make character and integrity important to the voters.
  • Pray especially for believers who are voting, that God will show them the candidates who would honor him in office

Pray for the results

  • Ask God to raise up men and women at all levels – federal, state, and local – who will lead with integrity, wisdom, and courage.
  • Pray that God will appoint leaders who know Him and who will lead this country in a direction that honors him.
  • Ask God to create a Congress (Senate and House) of representatives who will be able to work together for the good of the country
  • Pray for accurate tabulation of the results and for acceptance of those results.

Pray for the church

  • Thank God for all those who have been praying for this election cycle.
  • Ask God to continue this movement of prayer even after the election, and to expand it in such a way as to transform churches into houses of prayer all across the country.

About Andrew Wheeler

Andrew has led small groups and prayer groups for over 30 years, dating back to college where he led the prayer ministry of his InterVarsity chapter. He served in the prayer ministry of Willow Creek Community Church for over 20 years, including co-directing the prayer ministry at Willow Creek Crystal Lake. He is the author of Together In Prayer, a guide for leading prayer in a small group setting, and has written numerous articles for Prayer Connect and He is a featured blogger on Pray.Network.